Productivity and innovation / Large-scale strategic changes / Profitability / Talent attraction / Higher engagement / Better conditions to achieve strategic and personal goals / More effective communication & better relationships / Higher job satisfaction

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The business of creativity

I specialize in bridging the creative and commercial realities of your brand and business through flexible and future-proof solutions for your marketing- and creative departments, founded in the vision you have for your business, people, or work.

Through organizational or strategic changes, in upscaling or uncertain times or in your day-to-day. I work with you to improve communication, creativity, production efficiency or alignment with in-house, external- or hybrid teams, creative agencies and collaborators.

Good creative is a strategic investment for business growth, helping businesses stand out and build lasting connections with your audience. The motivations of working in the industry, means people respond best to someone who understands the business of creativity as well as the artistic nature of their work.

I will share over 20 years experience within brand and creative development and integrated communications for global brands, using a coaching approach to leadership to help teams and leaders excel to reach business goals.

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A collaboration commonly take shape as a consultancy or interim leadership position, covering projects like:


  • Organizational changes
  • Large-scale strategic roll-outs
  • Brand repositioning & development
  • Aligning brand expression through purpose 
  • Design- & creative strategies across channels
  • Building or optimizing in-house teams
  • Operational changes & goal setting
  • Establishing creative operations & processes
  • Performance vs brand marketing – managing different needs and processes
  • Employer branding, corporate culture
  • Increasing production & output efficiency

Teams, leaders and employees:

  • Enabling a coaching culture
  • Leading through uncertain times / change management
  • Teams working on new or business-critical projects / team alignment
  • Improving creativity
  • Balancing creativity & productivity
  • Motivation & engagement
  • Leadership, management and coaching skills
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Communication and presentation skills


Measuring success
Every organization faces a different context within which they want to bring in a consultant or interim leader.
Together we’ll agree how and when to measure to gauge success to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Next step

I do my best work with people and companies who want sustainable change and are willing to work for it and connect it on more than one level across their organization.

Working with me

Working with me should be straightforward and it is my priority to approach any assignment in an efficient, productive and professional manner, with friendliness, clarity and transparency.
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Use the Contact page to make an enquiry or click here.

I work with clients globally, in Swedish or English.

Some big numbers

(Source: 2009 ICF Global Coaching Client Study. The study was commissioned by the ICF but conducted independently by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.)

Increased productivity
Professional coaching explicitly targets maximizing potential and in doing this unlocks latent sources of productivity and supports individuals to confidently pursue new ideas and alternative solutions in the face of growing complexity.

70% improved work performance

improved business management

improved time management

improved team effectiveness

Positive People
In the face of uncertainty, expectations of the workforce are very high. Restoring self-confidence to face the challenges is critical to meet organizational demands.

80% improved self confidence

73% improved relationships

72% improved communication skills

67% improved life/work balance

Return on investment
The coach–client relationship generates learning and clarity for forward action with a commitment to clear measurable outcomes.

68% individuals that made back at least their investment

86% companies that made back at least their investment

Of the 86%, 28% saw an ROI of 10 to 49 times the investment and 19% saw an ROI of 50 times their investment.

Satisfied clients
Virtually all companies or individuals who hire a coach are satisfied. Coaching is an effective catalyst for change.

99% “somewhat or “very” satisfied with overall experience

96% would repeat the process

Selected articles

How Leaders Can Balance the Needs to Perform and to Transform
(Harvard Business Review, January 10, 2022)

Coaching Your Team Through Uncertain Times
(Harvard Business Review, Apr 24, 2020)

3 Ways to Create a Work Culture that Brings Out the Best in People
(, Jan 06, 2021)


Fulfilling your potential / Realizing a dream / Improving communication / Solving creative blocks / Changing a habit / Personal & professional growth / Increased self-awareness / Pursuing ambitions / Setting goals / Are you ready to start? 

Source image: Magda Ehlers / Pexels


If you can change your mind you can change anything.

From time to time, we question the way we do things and the choices we make privately or professionally. Coaching can help us get insights and new perspectives on our situation and identify patterns and behaviors standing in the way of us reaching our goals.

You already possess the power and knowledge you need to succeed, you just need to find the way to access it.

Coaching can help you with:

  • Changing old narratives and habits. You want something different but don’t know where to start.
  • Being more present. Every day feels like it’s on autopilot.
  • Personal, professional growth and development.
  • Work/life balance, stress.
  • Moving forward from self-criticism and fear of failure.
  • Bringing out your inner potential.
  • Improving personal and professional relationships.
  • Ability to create and handle change – what’s not in flux these days?!


Coaching creativity

Working in the creative industry can at times be tricky balancing act between business, productivity and nurturing a creative flow. 

About you:

︎︎︎ You are a creative, you work within the creative industry or you regularly work with creatives as part of you role.
︎︎︎ You have several years’ experience in your profession and you know you are capable of more.
︎︎︎ You want to make changes in your career, or external changes are influencing your work life.
︎︎︎ You want something more than career advice – you want someone who understands your particular situation.
︎︎︎ You want someone to challenge you to find your own way forward, a path unique to you and the work you do best.


Life coaching

Life throws many surprises at us. ...and sometimes it seems like there are no surprises at all. While we cannot predict the outcome of life’s ups and downs, we can take control of how we respond.

Coaching is a good way to explore what's working well for you and what you'd like to change – and how.

About you:

︎︎︎ Something is holding you back from living your full potential.
︎︎︎ You have a dream, and you want help taking the first step.
︎︎︎ Something is missing in your life/work/relationship.
︎︎︎ You are unsure how to handle changes in your private- or professional life. 
︎︎︎ You keep pushing something in front of you that you feel resistant towards completing.
︎︎︎ You don’t know where to start to make a change. Or how.
︎︎︎ You are ready and prepared to face the truths and do the work to get to where you want to be.

Curious if coaching could be for you?

Continue reading or contact me to find out more.


The first meeting

I want to be confident that I can help you, and you should feel 100% comfortable with me as your coach. This is a very important step, which is why the first meeting is free. There are no commitments to booking further sessions.

My goal is to get you to where you want to be as soon as possible, so you stay for as many sessions as you want. It could be one, it could be five or it could be over a longer period of time. I am here to support you in your journey for as long as you find our relationship of benefit to you.


All communication between coach and client will be treated with confidentiality.

As a coach, I commit to:

  • Being present
  • Showing interest and curiosity
  • Listening actively
  • Asking developing and powerful questions
  • Assisting with relevant exercises and actions

I follow the ethical rules set according to ICF (International Coaching Federation). Read more about them here.

Coaching sessions are held digitally via video call or phone.
I work with clients globally, in Swedish or English.


Please get in touch for 2023 prices and availability.
Intitial meeting 30 min – free, always

Use the Contact page to make an enquiry or click here.

Relatable? Email me :)

“Face your fears; live your passions, be dedicated to your truth.” Billie Jean King

Image: Ithalu Dominguez / Pexels

What is coaching?

Coaching is used to help people handle changes in life, develop privately or professionally, and reach new results. It’s a practical tool used to create awareness around ourselves, our communication, passions and the things we value in our lives. By identifying patterns and habits that no longer serve us, we can leave them behind and move forward in the direction we want.

Who is coaching for?

Anyone who is looking to change, find clarity or new perspectives, more enjoyment and satisfaction, success, purpose or to understand the significant things in their lives. Maybe changes at work or at home are affecting you – or maybe it feels like everything has been the same forever. You might just not know where to begin to make a change. Coaching is a good way to start taking control of your future.
(Coaching should not be confused with Mentorship, Councelling or Therapy.)


How much coaching do I need?

The initial meeting is 30 minutes and it is free. In this session we go through your situation and assess if we are a match. I want to be confident that I can help you, and you should feel 100% comfortable with me as your coach. This is a very important step, which is why there is no cost and no commitments to booking further sessions.

Coaching sessions are 60 minutes and can be held on a weekly or monthly basis, depending on what is best suitable to your personal situation, goals, and financial status.

A coaching process can last as long or short as you like. Many clients fins that they have enough tools and clarity to progress with their ambitions after about 3 sessions, and some prefer regular sessions over a longer period to keep things on track. 


All communication between coach and client is treated with confidentiality.

Read about

Life coaching & coaching for creatives
Working with me

Coaching sessions are held digitally via video call or phone.
I work with clients globally, in Swedish or English.


The conversation

In the coaching session, the coach creates the conditions for insights and new perspectives, and provides the client with tools to independently reach sustainable change.

Coaching is a collaboration between coach and client, where goals are an important part to get us to where we want to be. In order to set goals that will benefit us moving forward, we first need to examine our worldview and our values. We need to ask ourselves the question: "What do I really want?".

The conversation helps us increase self-awareness by distinguishing patterns and behaviors that are contributing to our well-being from those standing in the way of reaching our goals.
This leads us to:

  • Find motivation and strength to act in a desired direction.
  • Finding it easier to prioritize and make decisions that benefit us.
  • Becoming clearer for ourselves and our surroundings.
  • Finding ourselves in the right space faster and more often.
  • Feeling better and more balanced.

Use the Contact page to make an enquiry or click here.

About me

My background spans over 20 years from strategic creative in the brand and global comms industry in the Nordics, the U.K. and U.S.A. working in-house, with agencies, start-ups, consulting and independently within a wide range of sectors and global clients.  

Good creative work is a strategic investment for business growth, helping businesses stand out in competitive markets and build lasting connections with their audience. At the core, my motivating driver is enabling creatives to do their best work.

Here are some of the companies, clients and collaborators I am grateful for, having brought me to where I am today:

Cogs Creative
Pond Design
Made To Order
Guardian News & Media
Guardian Weekly
Vogue UK
Made In Earnest
BBC Radio 2
DJ Mag

...and many more, in all shapes and sizes ︎

Working with me

My passion for leadership is a shared passion for coaching – seeing the benefits a coaching approach brings to teams, individuals and corporate culture (I have some numbers on it here).

Contrary to the popular saying, I believe there is a very important “I” in “TEAM” – every Individual in the group. Without our unique individual skill sets and personalities, there would be no magic. If we’re given the conditions to bring out our best potential, possibilities become endless.

As a leader, I enable space for transformation, creativity & innovation at the intersection of culture, brand and operations. My leadership style is catalyst and human-centric through open communication, collaboration, empowerment and trust. I take the same approach to any professional relationship, whether as a leader, colleague or coach.

I do my best work with people who want change and are willing to work for it. Both consulting and coaching processes are a collaboration and it requires the commitment from the client to continue the work independently. I will provide a proactive and professional environment for our work, allowing us to build our relationship on trust and transparency.

As a creative,
I love big ideas.
As a leader, I love
enabling big ideas.


Words from others

“Having Krista as a coach has been a game-changer in order to identify my direction and goals for this year. The process has been comforting as well as a thought-provoking and eye-opening. I appreciate her way of communication, it’s always very clear, non-judgemental and engaging.

Im taking with me new ways of thinking that I use to improve what is obstructive in my life and nurture what is important, to keep the right direction and focus in my life.”
Global CRM Director

“Krista is a very present and responsive coach. She challenged the way I experience, think and feel about situations, always with a non-judgemental and humble approach. She is empowering and made me feel like everything is possible and that I have the ability to shape my future towards the goals I wish to reach.”
Function Manager

“In a world where work and life need to coexist more than ever, Krista helped me with some thoughts and questions I had regarding my situation. As a coach Krista provided me with tools to view things in a new light and from a different perspective. By using methods in her coaching she enabled me to realize I had the answers I needed, and with her help I could concretizise them.

Coaching has contributed to my personal development both at work and in my private life, which was my goal. I wish everyone gave themselves the opportunity to develop through coaching if you have a desire to become your best and give yourself the conditions to let your life and its challenges fit together. Lucky you to find the person behind this – you are a true star Krista!”
Regional Manager

“Krista, I want to thank you for the patience and encouragement you gave me during our sessions. I was in a place with lots of doubts and questions and you helped me see different angles and solutions to all of them. I still use your tools and advice on a regular basis.”

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