About me

I spent the majority of my working life on the creative career ladder before I realized that awards and prizes weren’t true motivational drivers for me, personally. What an eye-opener..! 

With this insight, I chose to re-evaluate my focus, both professionally and creatively. In the process I identified two factors that have formed the trajectory across my career:

Enabling creatives to do their best work.

With over 20 years in strategic creative across the Nordics, the U.K., and the U.S.A., I've worked in-house, with agencies, start-ups, consulting, and independently. I've navigated the perpetual shift in the business of communication spanning diverse sectors and global brands.

This foundation has given me a unique ability to seamlessly work across brand, strategy, creative, production, and activation, connecting dots throughout the full spectrum of brand and marketing – always looking toward the next turn of events. And I love it.

Here are some of the companies, clients and collaborators I am grateful for, having brought me to where I am today:

Cogs Creative
Pond Design
Made To Order
Guardian News & Media
Guardian Weekly
Vogue UK
Made In Earnest
BBC Radio 2
DJ Mag

...and many more, in all shapes and sizes ︎

Working with me

Yes, I also coach leaders and creatives :) 

“Kristas contribution and hard work when it comes to organization, optimization, team building and processes has catapulted the company forward by solidifying structures and foundations needed to grow and perform. With her hard work and delivery on the new brand identity and supporting platforms it's safe to say that the company is better equipped for the future, with the right tools to keep us growing into an even more established, successful and well known brand. On top of all her achievements, her genuine personality and warmth has made it a pleasure working with her.”
Direct report (Creative)

As a creative,
I love big ideas.

As a leader, I love
enabling big ideas.

“I’ve been lucky enough to work with Krista on multiple occasions, and each time, it’s been an energizing and extra creative experience. She is one of very few who can create a living, breathing symbiosis between strategy and creativity, and that has made my job as a designer both much easier, more fun, and more fulfilling. As a bonus, she’s one of the nicest human beings I’ve encountered!”
Creative/Art Director

“I think I speak for everyone when I say thay you have taken us to a new level. I am forever grateful that I no longer need to overproduce to be on the safe side and instead can focus on doing high quality work. You have created the foundation for something new and so much better.”
Direct report (Creative)

“Having clear brand guidelines gives a clear framework to work within which quickly brought both internal and external benefits.
On the internal side, it made the creative process a lot faster, more efficient, less frustrating for the teams and more inspiring for inhouse creatives. It has improved the outcome and reduced rounds of feedbacks.

From a customer point of view, it brought brand recognition and in our case, due to the visual identity that we chose, it elevated our brand to one that speaks for quality, is consistent, recognisable campaign after campaign and has a personality that shines through the creative work.”
Manager, Owned Media

“Krista is a very present and responsive coach. She challenged the way I experience, think and feel about situations, always with a non-judgemental and humble approach. She is empowering and made me feel like everything is possible and that I have the ability to shape my future towards the goals I wish to reach.”
Function Manager

“Having Krista as a coach has been a game-changer in order to identify my direction and goals for this year. The process has been comforting as well as a thought-provoking and eye-opening. I appreciate her way of communication, it’s always very clear, non-judgemental and engaging.

Im taking with me new ways of thinking that I use to improve what is obstructive in my life and nurture what is important, to keep the right direction and focus in my life.”
Global Director, CRM

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