About me

My background spans 20 years from strategic creative in the brand and global comms industry in the Nordics, the U.K. and U.S.A. working in-house, with agencies, start-ups, consulting and independently within a wide range of sectors and clients.  
Including: GANT, Vogue UK, The Guardian, Working Title, Åhléns, BBC Radio 2, AKA (UK & NYC) and more.

As a leader I enable space for transformation, creativity & innovation at the intersection of culture, brand and operations. My leadership style is catalyst and human-centric through open communication, collaboration, empowerment and trust. I take the same approach to any professional relationship, whether as a creative, leader, colleague or coach.

Working with me

I came to coaching through a passion for leadership – seeing the benefits a coaching approach brings to teams, individuals and corporate culture (I have some numbers on it here). As a creative, I love big ideas. As a leader, I love enabling big ideas. 

Contrary to the popular saying, I believe there is an important “I” in “TEAM” – every Individual in the group. Without our unique individual skill sets and personalities, there would be no magic. And if we’re given the conditions to bring out our best potential, the possibilities become endless.

As a coach, I do my best work with people who want change and are willing to work for it. The coaching process is a collaboration and it requires the commitment from the client to continue the work inbetween and after our sessions. I will provide a safe environment for our conversations, allowing us to build a coaching relationship based on trust and transparency, and I will greet you with a smile and meet you in the emotional space where you are.

I commit to:

  • Being present
  • Showing interest and curiosity
  • Listening actively
  • Asking developing and powerful questions
  • Assisting with relevant exercises and actions


The first meeting

I want to be confident that I can help you, and you should feel 100% comfortable with me as your coach. This is a very important step, which is why the first meeting is free. There are no commitments to booking further sessions.

My goal is to get you to where you want to be as soon as possible, so you stay for as many sessions as you want. It could be one, it could be five or it could be over a longer period of time. I am here to support you in your journey for as long as you find our relationship of benefit to you.


All communication between coach and client will be treated with confidentiality.

I follow the ethical rules set according to ICF (International Coaching Federation). Read more about them here.

Coaching sessions can be held online, on the phone or in person in Stockholm, Sweden. I work with clients globally, in Swedish or English.

Words from clients

“Having Krista as a coach has been a game-changer in order to identify my direction and goals for this year. The process has been comforting as well as a thought-provoking and eye-opening. I appreciate her way of communication, it’s always very clear, non-judgemental and engaging.

Im taking with me new ways of thinking that I use to improve what is obstructive in my life and nurture what is important, to keep the right direction and focus in my life.”
Global CRM Director

“Krista is a very present and responsive coach. She challenged the way I experience, think and feel about situations, always with a non-judgemental and humble approach. She is empowering and made me feel like everything is possible and that I have the ability to shape my future towards the goals I wish to reach.”
Function Manager

“In a world where work and life need to coexist more than ever, Krista helped me with some thoughts and questions I had regarding my situation. As a coach Krista provided me with tools to view things in a new light and from a different perspective. By using methods in her coaching she enabled me to realize I had the answers I needed, and with her help I could concretizise them.

Coaching has contributed to my personal development both at work and in my private life, which was my goal. I wish everyone gave themselves the opportunity to develop through coaching if you have a desire to become your best and give yourself the conditions to let your life and its challenges fit together. Lucky you to find the person behind this – you are a true star Krista!”
Regional Manager

“Krista, I want to thank you for the patience and encouragement you gave me during our sessions. I was in a place with lots of doubts and questions and you helped me see different angles and solutions to all of them. I still use your tools and advice on a regular basis.”

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