Productivity and innovation / Large-scale strategic changes / Profitability / Talent attraction / Higher engagement / Better conditions to achieve strategic and personal goals / More effective communication & better relationships / Higher job satisfaction

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The business of creativity

I specialize in bridging the creative and commercial realities of your brand and business through flexible and future-proof solutions for your marketing- and creative departments, founded in the vision you have for your business, people, or work.

Through organizational or strategic changes, in upscaling or uncertain times or in your day-to-day. I work with you to improve communication, creativity, production efficiency or alignment with in-house, external- or hybrid teams, creative agencies and collaborators.

Good creative is a strategic investment for business growth, helping businesses stand out and build lasting connections with your audience. The motivations of working in the industry, means people respond best to someone who understands the business of creativity as well as the artistic nature of their work.

I will share over 20 years experience within brand and creative development and integrated communications for global brands, using a coaching approach to leadership to help teams and leaders excel to reach business goals.

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A collaboration commonly take shape as a consultancy or interim leadership position, covering projects like:


  • Organizational changes
  • Large-scale strategic roll-outs
  • Brand repositioning & development
  • Aligning brand expression through purpose 
  • Design- & creative strategies across channels
  • Building or optimizing in-house teams
  • Operational changes & goal setting
  • Establishing creative operations & processes
  • Performance vs brand marketing – managing different needs and processes
  • Employer branding, corporate culture
  • Increasing production & output efficiency

Teams, leaders and employees:

  • Enabling a coaching culture
  • Leading through uncertain times / change management
  • Teams working on new or business-critical projects / team alignment
  • Improving creativity
  • Balancing creativity & productivity
  • Motivation & engagement
  • Leadership, management and coaching skills
  • Personal and professional growth
  • Communication and presentation skills


Measuring success
Every organization faces a different context within which they want to bring in a consultant or interim leader.
Together we’ll agree how and when to measure to gauge success to ensure that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Next step

I do my best work with people and companies who want sustainable change and are willing to work for it and connect it on more than one level across their organization.

Working with me

Working with me should be straightforward and it is my priority to approach any assignment in an efficient, productive and professional manner, with friendliness, clarity and transparency.
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I work with clients globally, in Swedish or English.

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